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Types of Synthetic Hair Fiber

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Synthetic Hair Materials Synthetic Hair Materials
Synthetic hair is a very fine plastic filament that closely resembles natural hair strands. The industry has produced a wide variety of synthetic hair made of different fibers.  There are two best known types of synthetic hair fibers that closely resemble human hair:


Mono-fiber grade A+ is the highest quality synthetic hair on the market today, with an extremely realistic look and feel of human hair.  Mono-fiber hair material has a PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) composition, which is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. Since PET does not contain polyethylene, it is heat resistant.  If you were to cut a strand of Mono-fiber and look at it from the cut end, it is cylindrical in shape, which eliminates the tangling issue found in Kanekalon, and reflects light much softer and thus has a more natural human hair luster.  Mono-fiber A+ grade material is relatively new to the market and the public isn’t yet very familiar with this new class of synthetic hair.


This material is a type of modacrylic fiber made of PVC composition filaments. The downside of this material is its lack of heat resistance, tendency to tangle, and a shiny polished fake look. If you were to cut a strand of Kanekalon and look at it from the cut end, it has an "8" shape, which leaves the material looking fuzzy and easily tangles and mats as a result.  Kanekalon was the one of the first human hair mimicking materials on the market, and because of its relatively long-standing it is very inexpensive.  Kanekalon is widely used by several brands that you can find in any beauty store's hair accessories area: HairDo by Jessica Simpson, Revlon, Dancing with the Stars, and Donna Bella. One of the life threatening considerations of using Kanekalon is its flammability because of its lack of heat resistance, which can then release dangerous components in the smoke while burning.
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